Kustom Art

Kustom Hand Cut Steel Roses

Hand Sculpted and Cut Red Steel Rose

 Flowers that never die... each petal is hand cut and shaped to form these beautiful Kustom roses in a variety of colors. 

See All the Colors

Kustom Pirates

Pirate Sculpture Drinking a bottle of Rum Sitting on a Bench

Pirates make every back yard a place for an adventure. Kustom pirate characters designed and hand crafted!

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Kustom Seasonal Art

Raw Steel Banded Hand Cut Pumpkin for Fall and Halloween

Halloween is our favorite, but Kustom metal fabrication creations for every holiday and season are hand cut and individually made.

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Kustom Wall Art

Angel and Devil Hand Crafted Female Rear Bodice pieces with Blue wings on the angel and Red wings on the Devil

 Angel or Devil? Maybe a bit of both... Kustom hand shaped and cut metal art wall hangings are an inspired addition. 

See a bit of both

Kustom Hand Cut Art

Hand Cut from Steel Profile Image of a Woman with Face Decorated to Celebrate Day of the Dead, Wearing a Skull and Rose on her head, Back lit with red lights

A simple sheet of metal to some... a beautiful portrait to us. Kustom Art piece all cut by hand and completely unique.

See the Beauty

Kustom Bar and Stools

Bar and Barstools. Bar is built from Pallet wood, Rebar, and Diamond plate stainless steel. Barstools are made from tractor seats, Pipe and Motorcycle rims

Rims, Tractor seats and old pallet wood? We see a Kustom bar and 3 barstools. Kustom Fabrication to bring a new look to any room.

See your new room

Kustom Wall Art Lighting

A kustom wall art piece. 

An Old 49 ford F1 grille &
some 1930s headlight buckets. 

Mounted on reclaimed wood
with LED Edison bulbs, Metal Art created from repurposed materials

Kustom Dining Table

Rustic Industrial 

Dining Room Table

Kustom Metal Fabrication

Pallet Wood 

Combining Art and Function

About the Artist

This is the hand of the Artist, Will Reddington, Welding with Sparks

Will Reddington

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